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MVP K9 Coach was the best thing we ever did for our family, and our dog! Misti is experienced, professional, and great to work with.
— Sam A, Springfield, MO

My individualized training by Misti has helped me learn to manage my three dog’s separation anxiety, fear of bicycles, and walking together without barking. I would recommend using her program because the methods she uses to improve the dog’s behaviors are humane and effective. I am very happy with the outcome!
— Judy W, Springfield, MO

I will give credit where credit is due! I have worked closely with Misti for the last several years regarding my dog and his “special” issues stemming from puppy-hood. Not only has he become a wonderful member of my home, but also now plays with other dogs in daycare at SKDT. If it were not for Misti’s patience and advice, I don’t think we would be where we are today!
— Piper L, Springfield, MO

Misti is an awesome trainer. When I first started working with Misti my dog Gus had severe separation anxiety, he is now well trained with far less anxiety. Misti works with Gus and I when and where we need for his service dog training, and goes above and beyond to find what works for the individual K9 and person.
— Brandon S, Nixa, MO

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