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Misti Fry

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Misti Fry is your Most Valuable Pet Professional.  She teaches dog owners how to mold their pet into their ideal family member and also offers in home private lessons focusing on the specific needs of each client and their pets.

In 1989, Misti’s mother brought home a Siberian Husky that needed training to become a functional member of the family. This was her first experience with training a dog and she watched many of the obedience classes that her mother attended with Sebastian. After graduating High School, Misti adopted a Cocker Spaniel from the Humane Society and trained her in upper level obedience earning a Companion Dog Title through AKC. Since then she has earned two Tracking Dog titles, a Tracking Dog Excellent title, trained in Search and Rescue, Retrieving, Agility, and Rally.

During college, Misti apprenticed and became an instructor with a local dog training club. For 6 years she worked as a veterinary technician and earned money doing private dog training and pet sitting.

Misti earned a BA in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and a Master of Natural and Applied Science. Her graduate work involved studying the reproduction of the African Elephant. During this time she became a graduate assistant teaching lab and lecture classes in reproduction, companion animal science, and animal behavior and training. After finishing graduate school Misti began work for the Missouri Department of Agriculture Veterinary Diagnostic Lab. Entering as a Serologist, her job changed when the Missouri Meat Inspection Program needed a lab to test for E. coli, E. coli 0157, Salmonella, and Listeria. She was able to build the lab from an empty room to a program “equal to” the Federal Food Inspection Service labs. 

Currently Misti divides her time between family, teaching dog classes, private training, and volunteering with rescue groups. Teaching people how to teach dogs is the perfect challenge for her. While teaching owners, her goal is to build positive relationships with trust and communication. Even dogs that aren’t trained early on provide enriching reward for Misti as she helps owners through their challenges both big and small. Behavior and how it can be modified is of special interest to her as keeping dogs in their homes with training is the first line of defense in rescue work. 


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